7 Dogs Who Ran For Mayor And Won


I know dogs are smart–but I’m not sure if they’re smart enough to run for office. You will be surprised that there are people who think their dogs are smart enough to occupy the highest position in the town–and the townsfolk agrees with them.

Nevertheless, who am I to judge the towns that believe dogs are fit and smart enough to lead them. And if that’s not crazy enough, these dog candidates actually won the election and became mayor. Some of them are still reigning to this day.

Here are seven dogs who ran for office and defeated their human opponents:

1. Bosco Ramos
In 1981, this Labrador Rottweiler mix went up against two human rivals in the mayoral election and emerged victorious. He made history as America’s first dog mayor.

Even though he died in his sleep 20 years ago, he still remains immensely popular in Sunol, California. His bronze statue was crafted next to the town’s post office in 2008.


Source: Wikipedia

2. Frida
This chihuahua mix rose to power as mayor of San Francisco last year after her owner Dean Clark bid $5,000 in a gala fundraiser for the city’s Animal Care and Control Department. However, her term expires in one day. In her short reign, she was able to call for protection of animal rights and mandatory belly rubs!

LA Times
LA Times

Source: CBS Local


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