7 Things A Dog Owner Should Never Do To A Dog


6. Hurt your dog’s feelings
Multiple studies show that dogs and humans share a wide array of emotions. As a dog owner, never berate your dog under the assumption that dogs don’t have feelings. They do. Hurting your dog’s feelings can lead to bad behavior and aggression.

5. Leave your dog in the car
Okay, I know what you’re thinking; you don’t want to hear about hot car death again. However, hot car death isn’t the only problem related to leaving your dog in the car. There’s greenhouse effect too, if you don’t crack a window open. Also, the possibility of dog theft is very real. So don’t leave your dog in the car.

4. Use crate as punishment
One of the most common reasons why dogs do not like crates is because some people teach them to associate it with bad things. When they misbehave, we punish them with timeout inside the crate. Therefore, they interpret it as a bad place instead of the safe haven that it is.

Jim Larrison/Flickr

3. Not care for your dog’s teeth daily

Your dog’s teeth needs to be cleaned daily. But according to Dr. Ted Cohn of American Veterinary Medical Association, only 2 percent of dog owners actually do so. So let’s change that!

2. Physically hurt your dog
Hitting your dog teaches him fear, and that hurts your relationship with him.
“When you hit a dog, you teach him to fear you, break his trust, and you weaken his confidence. Insecure dogs are the ones who are more likely to lash out in an aggressive display,’’ says Victoria Stilwell of Animal Planet’s ‘’It’s Me Or The Dog.’’

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1. Skip the vet
Do not skip regular check ups. In the event that your dog is experiencing symptoms, do not diagnose your dog at home by googling the symptoms. Go to the vet and get him checked.

With these things in mind, go and be a better dog owner. Dogs deserve better!

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  1. NEVER walk a dog on a lead because YOU didn’t know how to train him to walk politely with you when necessary.

    NEVER force your dog to run behind a bicycle because YOU are too lazy to let him sniff and explore at his leisure.

    NEVER put a coat on a dog unless he’s ill or a greyhound. God gave him a perfect coat already.


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