Here Are 7 Things Your Dog Won’t Tell You. Must-Read!

Dogs are good at masking how they feel. You may feel like you know your dog to the bone but there could still be certain things that you might be overlooking or not interpreting well. Dogs can’t communicate their needs and feelings the way we humans can so we have to put in a little bit of extra effort when it comes to understanding how they feel. It’s not easy being voiceless.

For instance, dogs are less likely to whine in pain. If their paw hurts, they simply avoid using it as much as they used to. Dogs are creatures of habit and if your dog starts to act weird or out of the ordinary, something’s probably up.

If your dog suddenly starts limping, assess his feet or legs to find out where the pain is coming from–best if you could take him to the vet as soon as possible. Limping could be an injury acquired during play or it could be an omen of something so much more menacing such as tumor or cancer.

Don’t ignore your four-legged best friend. Your responsibility does not end after providing food and shelter; you also need to invest time, effort, love and more compassion.

Dogs speak but only to those who know how to listen. They may not communicate verbally but there are ways to discern how they feel through body language.

Here are 7 things that your dog won’t tell you but you can figure out on your own through observation and a little bit of research:

1. I’m scared

Dog owners automatically assume that when a dog is being aggressive, he’s angry, dominant or downright pain the butt. But often times, the dog is simply scared. Aggression due to fear has to be dealt with more carefully than regular aggression, preferably with the help of a professional dog trainer or dog behaviorist.


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