Check out this 80 seconds of Rottweiler cuteness!

Brace yourselves, Rottweiler owners and lovers! This 80-second video will take your breath away and make your day.  Nothing is cuter than a bunch of chubby Rottweiler puppies hopping around and being naughty.

The cute face, soft fur, warm body and amazing breath of a puppy is heaven to dog lovers. Anyone who’s ever had a pup would agree with me for sure.

And the company of these innocent and sprightly little creatures is the most beautiful thing ever! If you’d like to pick them up, hug them tight and never let go, I won’t blame you. I feel like doing that too.

In the video below, you will the cuteness of Rottweiler puppies for 80 seconds. It’s basically just pups prancing around and frolicking in the grass while making people swoon away with their adorableness.

Rottweilers are, without a doubt, one of the cutest puppies in the world. Who cares if beauty is a matter of perspective. Rotties are beautiful dogs!


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