9 Quietest Dog Breeds


We understand that dogs are not the quietest companion. However, you’ll be surprised to know that there are breeds out there who don’t bark like crazy unless they really have to.

If you hate whimpering and loud barking but insist on companionship with a dog, there are dog breeds out there that will not drive you crazy.

Here’s our list of 9 quietest dog breeds:

Chinese Shar Pei
Quiet and confident are the two adjectives that first come into mind when describing the Chinese Shar Pei.

They are generally a silent breed who barks only when playing, threatened or worried. However, they can be quite stubborn.


 Rhodesian Ridgeback
This breed originated from Africa and were bred to hunt lions. Rhodesian Ridgeback is strong, large and quite sensitive. They are known to step in front of their owners before they growl, bark or attack.


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