A Nose like None Other – First Dog Ever to Detect Synthetic Marijuana

Dakota, a one and a half year old Springer Spaniel in Douglas County Georgia, is the first dog ever able to detect synthetic marijuana. Dakota was donated to the Douglas County sheriff’s department by Lance Dyer whose daughter recently passed away after smoking synthetic marijuana.

Lance believes that with the help of Dakota, the selling and consumption of synthetic marijuana will seize, preventing other parents from losing their child. Dakota received his first drug detection training out of a Pennsylvania kennel and is looked to with high hopes from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit.

Through Dakotas’ example, a new training unit has been established for other dogs to learn how to detect these synthetic drugs. This new training facility has been placed in memory of Lance Dyers child and will open a whole new line of defense for Douglas County.

Synthetic marijuana dealers and individuals carrying the drug will no longer be able to get past the legal system. In the past, dogs could only detect pure drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine or pot, but not anymore.

Just this year, Dakota has aided the Douglas County prosecutors in placing the county’s largest marijuana dealers behind bars. With Dakota on the streets, the first dog able to smell synthetic marijuana, no dealer or seller will be unnoticed.





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