Abused Dog Gets Pampered With Bath And More!

Rudy the dog may be enjoying a lavender-infused bath in a sink while being hand fed with yummy treats, but before you conclude he’s ridiculously spoiled, read his whole story.

He deserves every minute of it after all that he’s been through. The luxurious bath is not merely for show because the dog needs it to cure his grievous wounds.

When Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR) took in Rudy, he was in such bad shape that even though the organization specializes in taking in badly abused dogs, Rudy was still a particularly difficult case. He had life-threatening injuries from what seemed to be acid batteries and the people at SNARR wasn’t sure if he would make it another day.

Rudy was found in a plastic bucket in NYC and brought to Animal Care and Control in critical condition. SNARR Northeast Animal Rescue www.snarrnortheast.org took Rudy from the high kill shelter and brought him immediately to the vet.

Rudy was in horrendous condition; his body was covered in deep holes ( thought to possibly be caused by acid or cigarettes), starved and emaciated, caked with dirt, feces and urine. Rudy’s head was sunken in, his hair was all dead at the root and fell out at his first bath…Rudy cringed when we would go to pet him.

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