Adorable Dog Leaves Out Cookies For Christmas, Waiting For That Special Someone!

Awaiting the coming of jolly old Saint Nick is an excruciating ordeal at best for anyone with a Christmas spirit It’s a happening akin to the moving of cosmos, or Apollo lunar launches.

You’re hidden under the covers counting down the seconds until the gift blast-off galore. Holding fast to your breath, seeing the clock tick a little slower than usual.

Each second a demonstrative definition of Einsteinium theories on relativity. 60 seconds feeling like compounded years. Hours skating by like eternity.

It’s not just an affliction reduced to kids and preteens, but, as you are about discover, it also harasses its fair share of puppies.

Meet this incredibly cute dog, the very concept of Christmas spirit. The sort of puppy, Santa would easily trade one of his reindeer for. He is everything one would want in a holiday dog. Cookie cut house, decorated roof with tinsel and lights, a hooping and joyful Snoopy like performance.

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