Adorable Puppy’s Priceless Reaction To Being At Target Is So Relatable

Oh, yes. Who doesn’t love visiting Target? Even if you’re not actually buying something (which is nearly impossible), it’s just fun to walk around and look at everything. There’s even a certain smell about the store that is nostalgic.

Target has gained a lot of loyal customers over the years and for many — it’s their happy place. And for one puppy named Zira, she seemed to fall in love with the store the second she was brought in.

Twitter user, @virgoprincxss, posted pictures of her four-month-old Corgie-Aussie mix on their recent visit to Target. Zira’s adorable and excited reaction has been ‘liked’ over 540K times and shared over 145K times.

When you see how absolutely precious the photos are, you’ll know why people seemed to fall head over heels for the sweet puppy. The look of happiness and excitement on her face is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

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