Are You A Crazy Dog Person? Here Are 7 Signs.

If your friends are having children and you find yourself bragging 500 photos of your dog, you may very well be a crazy dog person. Here are the top 7 signs to determine whether or not you are crazy about your dogs.

By the way, I am a proud crazy dog person myself! I love my dogs more than anything and I would never trade them for the world.

Here’s 7 signs you are a crazy dog person!


1. You share your bed with your dog even though he is a major space hogger. Even with only a few inches extra space, you will squeeze in your furry baby and you refuse to have it any other way.
crazy dog person 1

2. You refer to yourself as the “mom” or “dad” of your dog even though it is biologically impossible for humans to actually give birth to a dog. Being a parent is not a matter of genes, it is a matter of choice.

crazy dog person 2


3. You will choose your dog over your lover and refuse to date anyone who doesn’t like dogs, more so anyone who hates dogs. You never brood over girlfriend vs. dog. Dog automatically wins without question.

crazy dog person 3

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