Atlanta-based organization flew 36 Golden Retrievers from Turkey to the US

Adopt a Golden, a rescue organization specifically for Golden Retrievers, didn’t hesitate to help a Turkey-based shelter when they asked for help due to overcrowding.

Golden Retrievers used to be a status symbol in Turkey. However, the breed went unpopular in the recent years which led to the dumping of said breed in the streets and shelters of the country’s capital. One shelter in Istanbul sought the help of Adopt a Golden to make an international rescue of 36 purebred Golden Retrievers.

“This is all a huge adjustment and to see them running around and playing like real dogs should,” Lauren Genkinger, President of Adopt a Golden, told WSB-TV. “I think today they’re saying ‘wow, what have we gotten ourselves into?”

The dogs finally arrived at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Saturday night after enduring a 12-hour flight and seven-hour layover.

The dogs were taken to Pet Lodge pet resort to accustom them to the United States before they are slated for adoption in June. The Golden Retrievers don’t understand a word of English so they came with translators to help them learn English commands.

The rescue of these Golden Retrievers is said to be the largest international rescue of a specific breed.

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