Baby And 150-Lb Dog Playing Together Is Such A Happy Scene!

A massive 150lb Rottweiler named Chopper plays ball with a toddler and he couldn’t be any gentler. This is another testament to the suitability of Rottweilers as house pets. Stereotyping is such an ignorant thing.

Rotties, who are stereotyped as dogs who bite, are actually smart, patient, and well-behaved depending on how well they were trained. They can play with children without harming them, just like any other breed.

Nevertheless, video owner Cheriepie650 still warned viewers that “children should always be supervised while in the presence of any dog, no matter how gentle a giant he may be.”

The best supervision you can give to your children to ensure that he’s in an environment where everyone and everything that he interacts with won’t harm him.

Go to the next page to see a massive Rottweiler playing with a baby. If you have faith in the way you raised both your dog and your baby, then I don’t see any reason why they can’t get along. All the dogs I’ve met in real life adore people.


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