Do NOT Pet: How to Behave Around Service Dogs

Service dogs are a necessity for some people. Aside from the company they bequeath they are also a fundamental part of their owners welfare.

Service dogs, unlike other animals are linchpins of society. They are far from cuddly. They are far from cute. They are far from nice. They are the first line of defense for some individuals.

With that said, it is imperative to show our respect towards them. It’s essential to understand how to act close to them. Here are a few tips and tidbits of advice to take to heart whenever we’re close to them.

  1. Hands off

We know that our first instinct, when confronted with a nice dog is to pet them. Service dogs should be maintained at arm’s length. One distraction on their part, might very well spell doom for their ward. How would you feel if someone’s petting you at work? Eh?

service dog 4
Active Dogs

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