Bored Dog Lights Up When Mommy Says A Magic Word. Hysterical!

Believe it or not, dogs are actually quite capable of comprehending human language.When you talk to them, they won’t respond to you unless the recognize a word the interested them.

In this video, a very adorable Rottweiled named Romeo was told by his mommy many things but he isn’t interested in the compliments and questions that mommy is throwing at him. That is until she said DOG PARK!

Romeo got uber excited that he stood up, move spots and looked at mommy with eyes saying “Really? Let’s go!!” It’s so cute how his face just lit up in excited when she heard the magic word!

Dogs operate on reward. It’s amazing how their faces light up when you say their favorite word or bring out a treat. In this case, the magic word is Dog Park!

Go to the next page to see the dog who lights up when mum says dogs park. Seriously, what kind of dog doesn’t want to have a blast with other dogs in this little piece of doggie heaven on earth?


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