Brave Dog Sees Something In The Water. What He Did Next Is Crazy!

Experts always advise people not to dissuade their pet dog’s natural playfulness and curiosity. However, dogs sometimes get a bit too curious and do silly things to satisfy their hankering to know.

Take for instance this dog Maverick–he was incredibly baffled by the presence of a free swimmer in the water so he jumped out of the boat to check it out. Yep, he jumped out. That’s how curious dogs can be!

Thank god it wasn’t a shark! This dog reminds me so much of my own buddy who also happens to be a German Shepherd dog. He always acts first and then thinks about his actions later.

Anyway, this dog was just acting on his instincts to protect his pack and it’s hard to blame him for it. Still, his owner was confident he wouldn’t jump into the water so he didn’t hold him back. And oh my, was he wrong!

Go to the next page to see the brave dog who sees something in the water and jumps out to fight it. What great instincts…sorta.


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