Brokenhearted Shelter Dog Watches Her Friends Get Adopted– Until She Finds Her Own Happy Ending!

This video really made me sad but I’m glad it has a happy ending. Watching a dog desperately waiting for a home while at the shelter is one of the most heartbreaking things in the world.

This is Suzie the beagle. She was a sad shelter dog who watched his friends get adopted everyday. But one day, someone turned her life around!

It’s tough to be a shelter dog, watching your friends leave one by one as you take a back seat because no one’s interested in you. It’s heartbreaking to look at Suzie inside the cage, but imagine how she feels looking out.

But one day, her luck turned around. A little girl came to the shelter to get a new dog and she took notice of poor Suzie. She almost passed her by, but she came back and eventually chose per Suzie to take home.

Go to the next page to see how Suzie danced her way to forever home. Finally, someone took interest in her and their bond as you will see later on is beautiful!


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