Buddha The Bulldog Absolutely Hates Mornings & He’s Not Afraid To Show It!

Buddha the bulldog truly hates what happens when he’s awaken by his master. No doubt having slept like a kitten, pardon the joke, and dreamt of puppies and pies.

Getting up early sucks. If there is one thing we can all agree on is the fact that dragging yourself out of the bed early morning is the worst.

Well, this sentiment doesn’t just go for humans, it also goes for animals; particularly dogs. Now, add that to the fact that it’s a Monday morning and it all ratchets up to one hundred.

Buddha, a gorgeous and out of this world Bulldog, not only hates the first day of the week, but he hates the firsts few hours of the day. He’s not a morning person.

Turn to the next page to Buddha and his adorable fits. Can’t get enough of him!


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