Burglary investigation leads to rescue of 8 puppies

What was supposed to be a burglary investigation in New York turned out to be a rescue operation of eight adorable puppies inside a vacant building.

When owners of a building in 1818 Ocean Parkway called the police for a potential break in, the NYPD’s 61st precinct looked at burglary as an angle. However, when they arrived at the scene, they were caught off guard as they found eight fluffy pups inside a cage and neatly placed on the floor instead.

The dogs were placed inside a cage which isn’t too big but the pup fit in there quite snuggly. They are also all wearing cute outfits which could be a sign that they were well taken care of. No one stepped up to claim the pups.


The cops brought the pops to ASPCA on Linden Blvd. where they were cared for over the next three days. They will be up for adoption as soon as their medical papers are cleared.

“8 little fellas were rescued from an abandoned building today & on their way to Bklyn AC&C. Kudos to #nypd #AC&C ,” the precinct tweeted along with a photo of the pups.

I bet the police found this as a pleasant surprise. Instead of apprehending criminals, they found themselves dealing with adorable pups instead. I know for a fact anyone would choose cute puppies over felons and delinquents any day.

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/nypd-cops-find-8-puppies-brooklyn-burglary-call-article-1.2109164


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