Bus Driver Refuses Veteran Passenger Because Of Service Dog’s Breed

Purple Heart veteran Ret. Staff Sergeant Daniel Wright suffers from PTSD and has injured arm, and for those reasons he doesn’t go anywhere without his service dog, Tank. Unlike most service dogs which are largely Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds, Tank is a Pit Bull.

When Wright and Tank tried to get on a New Jersey Transit bus, the driver shut the door to their face. According to the bus driver, dogs are not allowed on the bus and there are no exception even for a veteran and his service dog.

NJ Transit System actually allows service dogs inside their bus. What the driver did to the vet and his service dog is a serious violation to the American Disabilities Act. Ignorance of the law excuses no one.

It’s heartbreaking how some people look at Tank and they don’t see a service dog; all they see is a Pit Bull.

“[People] think those are the only dogs that can be service dogs. Pit Bulls can do the same job.“

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