What Do Cats Think About Dogs? Hilarious Monologue!

Have you ever wondered what cats think of dogs? This video may shed light on the matter. In this video, serious elder cat warns kitten of the latest addition to their family–the dirty and dumb Saint Bernard puppy.

This is proof that cats do not understand dog psychology and the things that make dogs super cute!  There’s a certain charm to how dirty, silly and dependent dogs can be–we people have weird taste.

I think in a way, I love it when my dogs depend on me. It makes me special and I feel like there’s someone in the world that truly needs me, not that no one needs me but…OMG, not sure where I’m going with this.

“Imagine a cat. Now take away cleanliness, intelligence and independence. What you have left is basically a dog,” elder cat hilariously describes the new dog.

Wow, ouch. That sure is harsh! Continue to the next page to watch the hilarious monologue.


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