Rescue Organizations Work Together To Save Hundreds Of Animals Displaced By Hurricane Harvey

Tragedies can bring out the best in people. There have been many tales of rescue organizations and even strangers working together to save hundreds of displaced animals in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Harvey.

A crowded private plane landed in Oakland International Airport containing 69 cats and dogs that are ready for adoption. The pets were rescued from the flood waters in Texas.

“It was absolutely crazy. We decided we would get as many crates as we could,” said Sherri Franklin, founder and CEO of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

The rescue was a joint effort of four local organizations: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, San Francisco SPCA, Mad Dog Rescue, and the Milo Foundation, in cooperation with Austin Pets Alive. Charlie’s Acres of Sonoma donated the use of private jet to transport the animals.

They loaded the plane with blankets, collars, leashes and medication for the animals. By the end of the day, they went back with a plane full of cats and dogs–69 animals in total.

“We were probably more excited than they were. The old dogs slept through the whole thing and the young puppies were pooping and crying,” Franklin said. “It’s a messy business, what can I say?”

Turn to the next page to see the rescue effort. So glad to know there are people who did something for these animals.



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