Dog Runs From New Owner Every Day, Then He Decided To Follow Him


Dogs are among the most loyal and loving companion one could ever ask for. They are so amazing I’m not sure what we did to deserve them. A man named Mehmet Ilhan has been paralyzed for years due to old age. At 77 years old, he decided to adopt  little pup to be his companion and comfort.

Mehmet did not expect to establish such a strong bond with pupper Cesur. They were inseparable! Unfortunately, Mehmet became ill and landed in the hospital. Cesur, devastated and confused, waited for his owner and refused to eat.

Mehmet stayed in the hospital for a while until his unfortunate passing. The funeral was held at the home he shared with his loyal dog Cesur. The poor dog was so heartbroken he never left Mehmet’s side, even as he laid lifeless in a coffin. Several people tried to coax him into walking  or playing outside, but he just won’t move away from his deceased owner.

No one could comfort the grieving dog.  Turn to the next page for more of this story!


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