This Labrador Has A Silly Way Of Cooling Down After Playtime! Silly Or Smart?

Stella the lab gives a whole other meaning to the word drag race. She would run around and play in the yard but every now and then, she would peculiarly drop her hind legs to rub her tummy against the grass.

According to her owner, rubbing her belly against wet greens is Stella’s way of cooling down after hardcore playing! There’s nothing more soothing than rubbing your bell against wet grass, at least for a dog.

Stella would run round and round and round and then slowly stop before crashing her belly onto cool wet grass. How she learned to do that, we don’t know. Looks like a habit she acquired herself.

She might look silly but her strategy is actually pretty smart. When I was a kid, I would occasionally lay on grass too when my body overheats from too much running and laughing.

Go to the next page to see Stella’s strategy in keeping herself cool after play time. It may look a little silly but it’s not as silly as you think. If it work, then why not right?


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