You Have To See This Confused Puppy Who Turns His Water Bowl Into A Bath Tub!

What are you doing there little buddy? Water bowl is where you drink water from, not soak your fluffy butt! But that’s okay. You look absolutely adorable doing what you’re doing so who cares how you use your water bowl?

The chubbiness, cuteness, fluffiness and innocent failure of this charming pup is 120 percent cute!! You stole our hearts away and surely, you will steal millions more!

It’s precious moments like this that makes us cherish our dogs even more. It’s their silliness that makes you fall in love with them more!

Dogs are loveable, smart, charming and silly–all at the same time. Dogs may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but it’s their silliness and quirk that makes them so endearing, therefore earning them the title of man’s best friend.

Go to the next page to see the silly puppy who turned his water bowl into a bath tub to warm his fluffy butt. Must be that time of the year again when this video was taken.


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