Chef Saves Dogs From Hot Car Death With A Very Simple Act Of Kindness

It’s easy to whine and complain about something, but it’s another to actually do something about it. This incredible chef is tired and sick of people leaving dogs inside a hot car at the expense of the dog’s life!

And he wasn’t just going to nag about it.

Chef Rabie Hijazi, who works at Hayat Restaurant in Salzburg, Austria is taking the matters into his own hands or at least implementing a change that starts from within.

Hijazi is an enormous dog lover and was especially upset with the death of a 14-year-old boxer due to hot car death in Austria. It was summer in four-season countries above the equator when this Boxer named Fidji was left inside a blistering car by his owners while they were shopping at Ikea.

Yes, it’s heartbreaking how some people can still be ignorant about the plight of dogs left inside hot cars to this day.

Rabie determined that he wasn’t going to let his patrons make the same gruesome mistake as those dog owners who lost their dogs to hot car death. In order to prevent them from leaving their dog inside a hot car, Rabie and his staff established an area where dogs can linger and rehydrate as much as they want while their owners are taking a bite.

They allocated the terrace outside the restaurant with sandy beach just for man’s best friend.

And he let’s patrons know about this area in a note! See it on the next page!


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