Chef Saves Dogs From Hot Car Death With A Very Simple Act Of Kindness

To let patrons know, he posted this amazing note beside the front door. It is the most conspicuous spot before patrons enter the restaurant.

The note was warmly received not only by patrons of his restaurants but people all over the world. The post translates to:

Dear Guest: Please do not leave your dog in the hot car just because you want to “quickly” get something to eat. Bring your dog with you. We have a large terrace with a sandy beach and the “best friend of man” can stay and drink as much as he/she wants.

The Havat Team

The original post is in German because well, it’s in Austria.


This is Chef Rabie, in all his awesomeness


And this was Fidji, the Boxer who died from hot car death. So absolutely sad.


Rabie’s post was a simple gesture, but it has stirred the minds of people from all over the world. He was upset, but he actually went ahead and did something about it. It has been liked 46,000 times since it was posted on Facebook in July. Oh nice!


Rabie’s post deserves the world’s attention. He is a great model not only for restaurants but establishments all over the globe. Turn to the next page to see the rest.

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