3 Very Simple Tips On Clipping Your Dog’s Nails Without The Pain Or Hassle

Do you find clipping your dog’s nails to be a hassle? Are you continuously scratched, bit or met with aggressive behavior from your dog while attempting a nail trim? Are you paying for expensive groomer bills just to have your dog’s nails trimmed every other month?

Look no further, as there is a hassle free way to trim your dog’s nails. Check out these great tips to nail trim training and the process of nail trims!

  1. Train your dog to become comfortable with a nail trim.

Dog owners do not usually touch the feet, let alone the toes of dogs and most dogs are uncomfortable when they suddenly do. Begin rubbing your dog’s legs, feet and toes on a daily basis to allow a greater comfort level between you and your dog.

It is best to begin these actions when your dog is a puppy but older dogs can also receive this training. Make this daily training natural such as an evening snuggled up on the couch or a good rub down during brushing.



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