Coconut Oil – Miracle Cure to Dog Health!

Does your dog suffer from skin or hair loss, allergies, malnutrition, poor digestion or immune related illnesses? Do you find yourself paying hundreds of dollars with constant visits to the veterinary clinic? Or perhaps you are looking for a more homeopathic way to treat your dog. Well then, it’s about time you experience the miracle cure of coconut oil!

More and more dog owners are discovering they don’t need to give their dog harsh sedating medications or pay the hefty price that comes with them. Even veterinarians are beginning to recommend unrefined, virgin coconut oil to their patients and why? Because it works! Coconut oil consists of medium Chain Triglycerides which is a form of lauric acid. Lauric acids not only help keeps the immune system in line, but also contains antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. If that wasn’t enough Medium Chain Triglycerides are a type of saturated fats (healthy fats) that support energy levels and the digestive system.

What type of conditions can be treated with Coconut oil? Coconut oils can be used to treat a vast variety of conditions from inside to outside your dog’s body. Use coconut oil topically (on the skin) to treat atopic dermatitis caused by skin allergens, fungal infections such as ring worm or yeast infection sores. Add coconut oil to your dog’s daily diet and see how within a few days your dog’s hair coat shinning with health. Aid immune deficient disorders by adding coconut oil to your dog’s medication. Veterinarians recommend dosing your dog one tablespoon of coconut oil for every 30 pounds of your dog’s weight. How about bad breath? Use coconut oil as a toothpaste supplementation for a natural way to clean as well as deodorize your dog’s mouth. Lastly, coconut oil can improve your dog’s digestive system. Whether your dog suffers from constipation or diarrhea, coconut oil can help.

Coconut oil has been named the miracle cure for dog health conditions of 2014. Try coconut oil on your dog and you will agree!


Photo courtesy of Pawsitive Living


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