Scalded And Abused, Colombian Dog Now Lives In The Home Of His Dreams In New York


Manny was given a transient home.  With fate and kismet shining from up above, his story reached  upstate New York.

Anne Darmstedter of Blasdell finally decided to adopt him.

Manny was flown to the New York. His new family anxiously awaiting his arrival.

“I just want him to feel like he has a family,” Darmstedter said. “I can’t wait to start loving him and spoiling him. I’ll be driving him around and bringing him to meet my family.”

Anne was able to adopt Manny, thanks to her friend Kim Rodeffer, who runs Little Ones Independent Rescue in North Tonawanda.

“I am close with Kim’s local rescue and saw Manny in my Facebook feed with her story being shared from Colombia,” she added.

abused dog 3


Manny doesn’t have to fight in the mean streets every day anymore. Turn to the next page to see the rest of the story! 

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