Communicating With Your Deaf Dog – The Basics

Whether your dog was born deaf or he/she has become deaf, training is essential for communication between you and your dog. Before beginning the process of training a deaf dog, pet owners must be aware of the time and patience required.

Dogs learn very quickly and you can turn your deaf dog’s life around, with these basic training tips.

Getting Your Deaf Dogs Attention.

A commonly problem that dog owners face with a hearing impaired dog is getting the dogs attention when needed. Whether you need your dog to get out of trouble or it is time to head home, being able to gather your dog’s attention is crucial. Try thumping your foot or hand on the floor to get your dogs attention.

Your dog can feel the vibrations you are making and look in your direction. If you are in an area where you cannot use the thumping technique, try using a pin point laser or flashlight.

The light techniques work great when you let our dog out at night. Always reward your dog when he responds to your voice absent call. A good loving pat or yummy treat works great as a reward.

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