Cool Dog Chills On The Couch And Watch Cartoons All Day!

This dog has got some serious game! Man, that is one cool dog!

There are cute dogs, adorable dogs, angry dogs, scared dogs. There are weird looking dogs and dog that are simply too posh for their own good.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of types of dogs in this world… but, rarely, do you see a cool Dog.

Cool dogs are a hard breed to find. They are like unicorns; enigmas in the wild. Almost everybody thinks they have a cool Dog, a unicorn, when in reality all they have is a lame horse.

Well, we’ve discovered the Radest Cool Dog in the net. Turn to the next page to see a Shiba Inu lounge in the couch all day with a laptop on his lap. It’s rainy outside so he’s going to spend his day indoors watching cartoons all day. And he’s looking really good while doing it.


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