Cop Follows Panicked Dog Into The Woods. Minutes Later, He Discovered Something Shocking!

We always hear about dogs being man’s best friends, but what about when dogs are dogs’ best friends? Jacques, a Scottish terrier, approached Officer Chris Bisceglia in an agitated way.

At first, he didn’t understand what was going on, since the little pup only barked and ran in circles. But then, he realized that something was wrong when Jacques started going back and forth, trying to point him somewhere.

Jacques and his sidekick Annabella, another Scottish Terrier, took advantage of being home alone and ran into the woods. But Annabella tangled herself in some shrubbery and couldn’t get out.

Officer Bisceglia followed Jacques and found Annabella, who seemed very scared. The scene was daunting since surrounding the cub was an icy torrent and a hill impossible to approach.

Rescuers were rushed to the site to help anguished, Annabella. Fortunately, help arrived just in time before colder temperatures accelerated further damage. Go to the next page to see the rest of the story.


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