They Gave Corgi A Ball, But They Did Not Expect Him To Shoot It


This is one of the most talented Corgis you’ll ever see! Perhaps even among Jordan, Rodman and, well, that’s about all the knowledge I’ve managed to amass concerning basketball. After all, I’m hidden within the bleachers.

This small, tiny and whimsical Corgi is a globetrotter in the works with his mad dunkin’ skills. He maybe tiny, his legs might be two wistful sausages and he might very well have more fur than the average NBA player, but he’s a winner at heart.

A true blue champion that can score and pass, dunk and dive with the best. He’s not the regular lazy pooch—all bloated and dulled out, wasting the day away in front of the television, napping like there is no tomorrow.

This incredible Air Bud is a lean mean sport machine. A little demon on the field that dribbles and scores.

Dogs are full of surprises. They have the weirdest quirks, and the oddest talents.

This dog plays basketball like no one’s business. He’s confident, as if no one is watching. He is immune to nerves.

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