When Couple Brings Home Their Newborn Baby, They Didn’t Expect Their Dog To Change Like This

When Astro was rescued, his new owners Corey and Elsa didn’t know much about his past or his upbringing. All they knew was that he was one of the sweetest, gentlest dogs they had come across.

Ever since they brought Astro home, he loves his favorite spot in the world – a place on the bed nestled between Corey and Elsa. It was their tiny family and they absolutely loved it. But soon, Astro stopped sleeping in his ‘spot.’

This past week, Elsa and Corey welcomed their very first human child into the world, a baby boy named Noah. It wasn’t just the couple, however, that were eager to meet this new addition to the family. So was Astro.

“Astro is a sweet boy and very loving,” Corey told The Dodo. “During the pregnancy, he was always near Elsa and would be very protective of her stomach if people were over. He never leaves her side. He’d occasionally lay his head on her belly or put his paw on it and just hang out.”

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