When Couple Brings Home Their Newborn Baby, They Didn’t Expect Their Dog To Change Like This

Elsa and Corey weren’t exactly sure how Astro would react to meeting such a small little human for the first time. Plus, they’d be devoting a lot of time and attention to the baby, would Astro be jealous?

“Astro sniffed Noah all over and then ran to his mommy,” Corey said. “He sniffed her and got some pats, but then seemed confused. He went back to Noah and sniffed him again. Then he kind of looked at us like, ‘Oh, OK. This is what was in Mommy’s belly — got it. I’ll keep him safe.'”

Of course, the loving pup can’t actually speak, but it was clear to Corey and Elsa that their dog understood that Noah was a part of their tribe. This was his baby brother and he knew he had a major responsibility.

This is when the young couple noticed a huge change in their dog. He no longer hopped on their bed at night to curl up between them, instead, he had a different ‘favorite’ spot. Continue to the next page.

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