Courageous Dog Gets Cozy With Mighty Lions

Dogs are incredible creatures that can get along with just about anyone –dogs, people or other animals. This dog, for instance, gets cozy with lions.

Dogs are simply so likable. Maybe it’s their appearance. Or their playfulness. Or their innate ability to accept everyone for who they are, mistakes and all. Maybe it’s all of the above.

These lions sure are captivated with their canine BFF!

They are so in love with him that they stick their paws into the wire to be able to touch him. I would too, to be honest.

The dog welcomes their touch. He lays belly up to receive some loving scratches from his mighty lion friends. A good dog will not turn down belly rubs from the heart!

Turn to the next page to see the beautiful friendship between two lions and a dog. They prove that love transcends all boundaries.


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