Here’s To Remind You Why Cuddling A Puppy Is The Best Feeling In The World!

So adorable! I am not sure who is luckier–the Rottweiler puppy cuddled by the woman, or the woman cuddling the Rottweiler puppy. For a full one minute, the video is nothing but up close shots of the Rottweiler feeling the pleasures of human touch.

As a dog lover, I feel jealousy to a certain degree to the woman who’s cuddling the super adorable Rottweiler. Puppies are so innocent and sweet and you don’t just see them walking in the street all the time.

Just the sight of a puppy is already invigorating –but actually touching one is a whole kind of heaven. There’s nothing quite puppies when it comes to bringing people to relax.

Watch the video below and swoon away. This vid really made my day. So cute!

I’m super effin’ jelly. I’d do anything, I mean ANYTHING, to be able to cuddle that beautiful ball of fluffiness.


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