Cute Dog Surfs The Internet And People Are NUTS About It


A cute dog is currently stealing internet hearts with his rather odd hobby! Have you ever seen a dog look so seriously while doing THIS?

Surfing on the web has been the sort of pastime that manages to do nothing more than swallow time. You could easily watch as day becomes night while whittling away your life in front of the PC screen.

Well, thanks to some ingenious owner, that pastime is no longer reserved exclusively for humans. Now, dogs, in particularly this rather happy especimen, can also find themselves tied up to a laptop screen.

In this truly epic video, we will meet a puppy with a penchant for watching YouTube. His name is Chiko and he is a rare breed of Shiba inu that can apparently understand the mechanics of surfing the web.

Go to the next page to see cute dog surf the internet like he knows what he’s actually doing. Plus, he looks so effing serious doing it!



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