Czr The Dog Wants A Cookie!

You’ve no doubt heard of Czr, the amazingly emphatic talking American Bully dog. You can tell just by looking at this handsome beast that he loves his food. On the the next pages, you will see Czr is given a series of choices about what he wants next and how he responds to them is priceless!

If you’ve ever heard of or seen Czr in action before (and really, what dog lover hasn’t?), you know that he is very definite about what he wants or doesn’t want at any given moment. But he is an extremely intelligent dog.

On the next page you will see that Czr is given a series of choices about what he wants next.

His owner gives him plenty of prompts – as well as training and probably facial cues – but it’s just so much fun to see this handsome “bully” dog communicate his yes or no answers!

Got to the next page to check out this amazing dog:


  1. Very cute….but first of all, there is no American Pit Bull breed… That breed went by he wayside over a hundred years ago when dog fighting became illegal. All ‘American Pits’ are bred down from the American Staffordshire Terrier/Bull Terrier, which are from England…and WHY are people so stupid as to cut their ears off? Disgusting abuse so far as I’m concerned!

    • W Howard, please don’t try to dazzle us with your knowledge. Most people know this, however they don’t have the need to correct people in a public forum. “Pitt bull” is used because it’s easier to say than, “American Staffordshire terrier/bull terrier.”

      Got it?

    • Something of a pit bull, are we? And yes, I got it correct, I am talking about you! And just like a pit…You need some training and socialization. To paraphrase, “It’s not the commenter, it’s the parents.”

  2. Just addressing Sue’s comment there,
    Little bit harsh with your words to Mr Howard ..
    Pit bull’ could be perceived very differently,
    Here we just call these dogs Staffys..who have a lovely nature.. need I say more…


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