Dachshund Triumphs Over 2 Giant Dogs In Epic Tug Of War!

Move over Captain America and Iron Man, and your silly Civil War. Away into the night Superman and Batman. Step to the sideline, Donald, Bernie and Hillary. Check out this brave Dachshund instead!

There’s a new cage match in town that has the public glued to the internet. God only knows how it all began, how this conflict started, but one thing is for sure, it’s great entertainment.

Two ginormous Bernese Mountain dogs battle it out for a prized piece of rope. Huge puppies, each weighing in at 100 pounds.

In the middle, caught in the crossfire of their grudge match, a tiny dachshund (at a mere 11 pounds.) A scruffy little dude, that is almost bite size in comparison.

Turn to the next page to see the battle between three pups unfold. Place your bets! Who do you think is going to win this epic battle that will end all battles?


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