Dalmatian Says “Enough” To Bully Kitten In The Gentlest Way

A huge Dalmatian stops the evil but adorable bullying of a small and fragile kitten! He asserted his dominance yet he didn’t do it with force or violence.

Like water and oil, like fire and ice, like cats and dogs. Sometimes, the durability of a stereotype boggles the mind.

Lady the Dalmatian and Squirt the Cat began their relationship on rocky terrain. They simply didn’t mix.

One was a cat, the other a dog. A genetic history of hostilities flowed underneath their veins. Still, due to the fact that they were obligated to life together – forced roommates – they had no other choice but to hash out their differences.

Overtime, their relationship evolved. Their icy stalemate melted and they started getting along.

After a while, like The Brits and The Americans, they tosses out their differences and became the bestest of friends.


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