Disabled Dog Was About To Be Put Down. Who Came Along To Save Him Will Touch Your Heart.

‘’No one wanted him. He was broken. A burden.” That’s how most people who are looking to adopt the perfect canine companion into their home would see a disabled dog. But some people can see past physical appearance and disabilities, and see the amazing dog inside.

Everyone, meet Chance. This guy doesn’t have functioning hind legs so he runs around with a wheelchair. An unfortunate hit and run incident left him disabled for the rest of his life while the people who ran him over just left him for dead on the side of the road.

Since disabled dogs are always least likely to be adopted, Chance was slated to be put down at the shelter. Fortunately, San Antonio Pets Alive came and saved him, and then fittingly naming him Chance because he was just given a second chance in life!

When a couple saw Chance for the first time, they just knew he was the dog for them. Coincidentally, the husband, Michael, happens to be disabled and saw himself in Chance. Michael thought no one would and could love him like they would. Since Michael and Chance have the same struggles, they became the best of friends.

Go to the next page to see how this Chance and Michael formed an incredible friendship. They were struggling over the same disability and found console in each other.


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