Dog Abandoned By Family Walks 20 Miles To Her Old Home — Not Once, But Twice

old home

A dog named Cathleen’s family decided that they could no longer keep her; so, they sent her to live with a new owner approximately 20 miles away from her old home in Prague, Oklahoma. Cathleen wasn’t quite sure where she was, so she decided to try and find her way back!

The 6-year-old dog had lived with her family since she was just a teeny tiny puppy. Cathleen didn’t understand why all of the sudden she was in a new home, so she went in search of her previous owners.

Not long ago, the adorable dog just decided to up and leave, walking out of her new yard, and down the street. Then, she kept going, and kept going, and kept going. For 20 miles to be exact, back to her old home.

“Animal control spotted her roaming the neighborhood where she used to live,” Marta Mattingly, treasurer of Seminole Humane Society, told The Dodo. “She was obviously looking for her old family … but they just didn’t share the same loyalty that she had for them.”

Continue to the next page to see this sweet girl and what happened after she was returned to her new owners. Cathleen still wasn’t certain why on earth she kept ending up there.


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