Dog Abandoned By Family Walks 20 Miles To Her Old Home — Not Once, But Twice

Somehow, Cathleen ended up walking twenty long miles back to the neighborhood of her old home. After being returned to her new owners, just a few days later, the pup decided to make the journey again.

“When she was brought in the first time, we just brought her back to the home her owners had given her to,” Mattingly said. “After a second time, we figured she’d be safer finding a more secure home a bit further away.”

old home

The vets examined her and she was soon put up for adoption at the agreement of the new owners and the shelter. It wasn’t long before dozens of applications began flooding in wanting to bring Cathleen into their loving (and secure) homes.

old home

“Our local news station came by and did a piece on her, and we started getting calls from all over the country,” Mattingly said. “She’s wonderful — very docile, good with other dogs and loves all people. She’s a laid-back, really good girl.”

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