Dog abandoned in a train station with a suitcase full of his belongings finds forever home!

Polite Dog

This Kai the Shar Pei. He was abandoned in a Scotland train station January. With him is a suitcase full of his belongings. From the way he was left behind, it appears that his owner cared for him deeply but couldn’t care for him anymore.

After Kai’s story went viral, people from all over the world wanted to adopt the puppy. The Scottish SPCA got adoption applications from as far New York and the Philippines. But the SPCA ended up picking a local to care for Kai and I couldn’t agree more with their decision!

The lucky guy to take home Kai was Ian Russell. “I’m over the moon and very shocked that I was chosen out of everyone who wanted him,” Russell told BBC news.



According to the Scottish SPCA, they chose the kind man out of all the applicants because he wasn’t only fixated on Kai.

“One of the reasons we chose Ian was, right from the start, he said he was interested in re-homing Kai but he would take our advice if we thought one of the many other dogs in our care would suit him better,” Grant says.

May Ian and Kai have many great years and make awesome memories together!



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