Dog Becomes Hope For Kittens! When I Saw What He Did For Them, I’m Speechless!!

Perhaps one of the easiest way to give back to humanity and create a change is by donating blood. It is one of the most valuable commodities; one that is free and can quickly be replenished, yet one that is literally life-saving.

Humans aren’t the only ones who yearn for this genetic cocktail. Animals also require the occasional top-off whenever the going gets tough.

Cats, in particular, are constantly in search of blood donors. Their veins and bodies far too small to extract a right amount. Meanwhile, their eyes have a propensity to develop an ingrained infection reserved for their kind.

This particular infection, that can lead to blindness, is easily treated through the concoction of a brew developed from blood.

“Certain properties in the blood block the enzymes in the diseased eye that damage the cornea,” helping to accelerate healing, according to veterinarian Dr. Lauren Siperstein-Cook.

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