Dog Breeder Was Going To THROW Imperfect Mastiff Pup, Then Help Came!


A dog breeder was so close to discarding a Mastiff puppy. Thankfully, rescuers caught wind of the news and came to the rescue.

Willow was born with a congenital disease. This sad dog suffered, right off from her birth, with Swimmer’s Syndrome.

Swimmer’s Sindrome means that this simply can’t walk or stand up in her own. This pup will not be able to live life on her own; her chest forever flat, her legs splayed out like a dying turtle.

The dog breeder knew that one bad apple can ultimately rotten the whole batch. He had no choice but to get rid of her. To toss the dog out, before she contaminated the gene pool.

Turn to the next page how kind rescuers were able to stop the dog breeder from discarding an imperfect and helpless pup. It was absolutely heartbreaking how a pup was kicked she was already down.


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