10 Amazing Cakes Shaped Into Doggie Perfection!

Metro UK / Michelle Wibowo

Dogs are so tightly integrated into our lives that they are more than just pets, they are family. We say, it we show it, we do it to let them know!

But sometimes, we love our doggies a little too much that we take it to the next level. They get more expensive haircut, more clothes, toys and high-quality dog food!

Heck, we even order to have cakes carved after them for special occasions–birthdays, graduations, wedding and more!

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of doggie cakes that are so lifelike, they deserve to be shared. You might have to look twice to realize that they aren’t real.

I would definitely want one of these cake for my dog’s birthday (or even my birthday lol). As a dog lover, you can never have enough dogs in your life, whether real or in cake form!

Not only are these cakes totally adorable, they are also certifiably delicious. The perfection isn’t just for your eyes, but for the palate as well.

Turn to the next page to see 13 amazing cakes shaped into doggie perfection! Would you want one?


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