Dog CONFESSES to all his shameful habits–like rolling on PICKLES!

Maymo the dog finally confesses to his myriad of embarrassing deeds and habits…like how he loves to roll on pickles, hoard spring water, and that one time he stole a pretzel from a goat!!

Dog shaming is gaining a lot of traction these days. And why not? Dogs are innocent and innately funny as hell. Most dogs, when they do something very bad, they don’t even try to deny it. Take note of the operative word ”most dogs.” There are dogs who are pro at lying through their teeth.

Dog shaming is trending these days and let’s face it, dog confessions stories are quite cute–more so when they are wearing adorable dog costumes. Most of these dogs don’t even know what exactly they’re guilty about.

Check out the video to watch all his priceless shaming moments.Has your dog done any of Maymo’s offenses too?


Maymo did not have to sport a costume because his owner made him wear the antique Panda bear whose face he tore off during play time! Poor Panda bear ..and naughty naughty Maymo!


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