Dog w/ Deformity Abandoned By Family. But Watch What He Does When He’s Taken In By A Rescue Organization!


Clark Kent, an awesome Pit bull dog, does justice to his superhero mild manner identity. Though he may not look like it, this adorable puppy fosters a Superman deep within his heart.

Clark Kent suffers from a serious facial deformity. His bones in that region have developed differently than most other animals. They’ve galvanized into masses and bulging protuberances. Despite this genetic hiccup, Clark Kent’s demeanor and spirit taxis over an otherwise debilitating series of circumstances for a dog like him.

His outward show of affection trumps all other ailments and maladies. Everyone, but Clark, can see his troubling visage and bear its brunt. His complete ignorance towards his frame, has gifted this sweet puppy a sense of wonder and love with which he eternally showers all who stand by his side.

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  1. I will tell everyone I can. I have two and my husband has been ill. Wish I could but that baby is at the top of my list to find a home.
    His heart deserves a family !!!!
    And a good family will deserve him. I pray he gets one.

  2. I’ve always picked the underdog. They are always loving and forgiving of any of my wrongs. An abnormality can only mean more love to give and accepting of that love. They all need the same thing. Whether they are normal, exceptional, extraordinary, ugly, misshapen, crippled, deaf or blind. They only want to be Loved and give love. They make the very best friends you could ask for. I choose them!

  3. Can he be adopted out to a family in Las Vegas? He’ll have 1.25 acres to play on, ponies to watch over, plus 4 other pups to love on him.


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